Pure, Eco-Friendly Drinking Water

System Equipment Available for Lease or Rent

Water Cooler

Water Coolers

CoolerZone provides you with pure drinking water starting at $35 per month, thanks to our environmentally friendly water cooler system.
Several Options Available
Single brew Coffee Maker

Coffee and Tea

In addition to our pure drinking water system, you can rent or lease the equipment for brewing freshly ground coffee and tea right at your location.
Coffee and Brewing Equipment
Water Cooler

A Water Comparison

Not sure which type of water is better? Read our comparison chart, then feel free to contact us anytime and sign up for your FREE trial.
Bottled vs. CoolZone Pure Water

A Variety of Water Quality Solutions

Quality Water Purification Systems

Equipment Delivered and Installed

Locally Owned and Operated

Cost-Saving Water
Improvement Systems

Convenient, Pure, and Sanitary
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