Bottled Water Comparison

Comparing CoolerZone and Bottled Water

Buying Bottled Water?

CoolerZone knows how expensive bottled water can be, but that's not the only problem. What about the energy it takes to create those tons of plastic water bottles that will likely end up in the trash? It's a disturbing thought, but we're making it better with our bottle-less system for pure, clean drinking water. Contact us today and start your FREE trial.
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Here’s A Quick Comparison For You To Consider

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Is Cooler Sanitized Regularly?

Sealed Sanitary Cooler

Local Service Vendor

Lifting of Bottles

Water Freshness

Environmental Impacts
Diesel Fuel Burned
Plastic Waste

Regulation and Standards


  • Usually 50% less than bottled
  • Unlimited quantity
  • Yes
  • No bottles to lift or store
  • No delivery interruptions
  • Bill does not fluctuate
  • Yes
  • Every 6 months
  • Yes
  • Not exposed to outside air
  • Yes
  • Grass Valley based
  • No
  • No risk of back injury
  • Filtered just prior to consumption
  • Fuel burned: 2 gallons per account per year
  • No plastic bottles
  • Regulated by EPA
  • More stringent than FDA

Bottled Water

  • The more you use, the more you pay
  • No
  • Storing, lifting and counting of bottles
  • Bill varies widely
  • No
  • Only if you request it
  • No
  • Reservoir exposed at bottle change
  • No
  • Out of county
  • Yes
  • Back injury risk
  • Filtered weeks prior to consumption
  • Fuel burned: 26 gallons per account per year
  • Tons of plastic waste
  • Regulated by FDA
  • Less stringent than EPA
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